You hardly find a person being prejudiced about their own race. Well, here is a spectacular case of a 16-year-old black girl who has denied being black. “Treasure” who was recently on the famous Dr. Phil show has claimed she is not black but white. How strange?

While on the show she kept insisting that she was white and shared no traits with black people. The whole scene was indeed shocking and has even caused a major stir on several social media platforms. It was almost unbelievable and if she was putting up an act, she definitely got us all really bad.

Treasure claimed to be Caucasian but more than this she emphasized that whiteness was equal to racism. “Can you beat that?” It was definite she was alienating herself from everything that could make her feel or admit she was black. At every opportunity she got she made sure she played down on the black race.

‘My Daughter Is A Racist Against Her Own Race,’ Woman Says About 16-Year-Old. Dr. Phil. Source: youtube.com

It was evident that Dr. Phil himself was perplexed at Treasure’s claims. He has a right to, after all he was ushered to the limelight by a black woman. Treasure’s mother revealed that she mutilated all her black dolls as a child and now that she is almost an adult she does not seem to have empathy for others. To Treasure, the only way to success is oppressing others.

Treasure, 16, sparked public fury after her racist tirade on Dr. Phil. Source: news.com.au

The other guest on Dr. Phil’s show, “Spirit,” who is an Atlanta-based life coach said, “It’s not that she hates black people; it’s that she hates herself.” Listening to Treasure you know she needs help, not just her but several others like her battling with similar issues.

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