Nia Imani Franklin crowned Miss America 2019

A new Miss America was crowned last night. The beautiful Miss Nia Imani Franklin a woman of African descent (African-American) won the 1st post-non-swimsuit
The 24-year-old received her undergraduate degree in vocal performance at East Carolina University and her master’s degree in music composition from UNC School of Arts.

franklin who was crowned miss usa 2019 on Sunday is a combination of Black beauty and intelligence.

“It took a lot of perseverance to get here,” Franklin said in her acceptance speech, according to CNN. “I want to thank my beautiful family, my mom and my dad, who is a survivor of cancer. I grew up at a predominantly Caucasian school and there was only five percent minority, and I fell out of place so much because of the color of my skin. she also said that music has helped her discover who she was. “Growing up, I found my love of arts, and through music that helped me to feel positive about myself and about who I was.”

The competition is moving in the right direction by scrapping the swimsuit portion and asking the competitors politically and socially conscious questions. It is so refreshing to see women judged for their minds and not just their looks. And for a black girl to win is the icing on top!