Healing The Wounds Of The Middle Passage.

Healing the wounds of the middle passage is all about looking for information in the archives of your DNA. watch celebrities unveil their true identity, Chris Tucker discovers his Angola/congo roots and goes back home, he then proceed deep into a remote village in Angola Africa, where he was welcomed by his tribe and was emotionally told about how his ancestors were ripped apart from their family.

finding out your African roots is usually a journey of discovery and acceptance that is the most important missing piece of the African American history, as you can say for sure what country you come from, this is because a man’s ancestry and lineage hold more important than his birthplace especially to Africans.

Of the 12.6% of United States residents who identified as black, around 10.3% were “native black American” or ethnic African Americans, who are direct descendants of West/CentralAfricans brought to the U.S. as slaves. These individuals make up well over 80% of all blacks in the country.

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To every African American, there is a living unknown relative in Africa.