Black Excellence! Meet one of the facts that debunks the black stereotypes.

Meet Dr. Rod Turner, Sr and his three children who have each spectacularly followed in their fathers footsteps to enter the field of Medicine.

This family is an amazing example of black excellence and everything we hope to shine a light on for our BDL community. Rod Turner, Sr is a decorated Ob/Gyn in the greater Houston area, who has been practicing successfully in the community of Webster, Tx for 31 years. Rod Turner, Jr is a first year family medicine resident in Houston, Texas, with plans to pursue a fellowship in sports medicine upon completion of residency. His two younger daughters Angelique and Rachel are both 1st year medical students at Tulane University School of Medicine and McGovern Medical School, respectively. Rachel is interested in pursuing a career in plastic surgery, while Angelique is currently undecided on a specialty.