By Precious Obadara

We all know that Fashion has great significance as attributes of status, beauty, expression of emotions, and character traits. this is why Children’s clothes should be of high quality and conform to fresh fashion trends.

This African print fabric is locally known as “Ankara” it is considered a good fit for everyday  wear, that “easy on” kind of casual outfit you can quickly fit in to visit a friend, spend a lovely day at the park, run errands, attend church service and grace important events, it is often known for its multipurpose use. and is also a perfect fit for everyone. It is considered black fashion at its finest.

The beauty and quality of the African print fabric make it very suitable for little kids to wear, This is because kids love beautiful and colorful things that can also withstand the rough way they handle it during play times,  And so the African print fabric is a highly recommended fabric that allows you to custom make/ design outfits for that little black girlie girl that totally loves it when momma turns her into a little black fashionista and that cute black boyish boy that loves to look just like daddy.

The real queen can grow only from the princess surrounded by care and tenderness. From an early age loving parents dress their daughters in beautiful outfits for everyday life and important events, give the first style lessons and teach young ladies to behave in a feminine way.

Despite the fact that designers mostly create simple models, they look original due to bright fabrics and interesting patterns. When buying children’s clothes, pay attention to the following details:

Comfortable cutting: Kids love to have fun, play, participate in competitions. A beautiful appearance should not deprive them of such pleasure, Comfort is above all.

It is better if fibers are natural: Then the girl’s skin will not be irritated and

Of course, the main element of the women’s wardrobe is “dress” If you want your daughter to grow a real lady buy dresses for her as often as possible.

          The more dresses a girl has, the more feminine qualities will develop in her character.

Dresses with open shoulders and frills are always very beautiful, The elegant butterfly hair band on the girls head turns her into a real fairy.

A Gorgeous skirt with folds may become the main element of a feminine image. Hair can be decorated with a bow made of the same fabric.

Your daughter will be pleased with the new cape and headdress. Such a set looks very aristocratic, especially if combined with a handbag and shoes.

Mothers are always an example for girls. Children Ankara styles are often times copies of outfits made for adult women and the result is very beautiful.

In addition to elegant dresses and feminine skirts, children should have clothes for everyday life to play with friends. In this case, it is worth giving preference to comfortable sundresses and jumpsuits. These Ankara styles for teenagers are quite bright and fashionable but at the same time give girls the full freedom of movement. Such clothes can be combined with sandals, sneakers, and other footwear suitable for frequent walking.

Do not forget about beautiful blouses. The bottom color can be the same as some element of the pattern.

Also, you can use jeans trousers as a bottom. This fabric looks perfectly in combination with Ankara.

 Trouser suits with jackets are very popular. This is a stylish and bold combination that allows the child to show her bright personality.

Modern fashion suggests returning to the roots and remembering ethnic motives, traditional African attire. Parents may bead a head tie from the fabric for children. This is a great way to teach a daughter to love the Black/African culture.

African print styles for boys

If you have a son do not think that the selection of a wardrobe requires less attention. Boys also want to look good and be exceptional.

A stylish appearance helps a child to feel more confident. In this case, designers also offer a wide selection of traditional outfits. Look how delightful this girl and boy are. He is dressed in pants and a long shirt. The image is supplemented with a beautiful headdress and beads.

Some suits may turn the most restless child into a little gentleman. The shirt and tie make the costume very presentable.

You also need to buy clothes in which your son will be able to go for walks with friends. In his closet, there should be several T-shirts with traditional drawings.

We have already talked about the fact that moms like to turn daughters to the smaller copies of themselves. You can also sew clothes from the same fabric to yourself and your son.

The combination of the African print with other fabrics is very beautiful. This can be a tie, a waistcoat or a strip on a T-shirt, Such elements look very impressive and can make variety in any composition.

We do hope that it was interesting for you to find out about the latest fashion trends for little ladies and gentlemen, African print styles for children should be a huge part of their everyday dressing and outfits for special occasions that will make your child identify and embrace their blackness in a bright and joyful way.

                         Catch them Young and Teach them to Embrace Their Roots