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We give an update on the latest beauty fashion, and style. people seem to move with trends and beauty, fashion and style is no exception. there are so many alluring and trendy beauty products, fashion designs and style out there, the world is like an ocean with so many fishes in it waiting to be caught and furthermore it gives you the opportunity to choose what to go with, but the obvious truth is that not everything that is trending would compliment a black man/woman.

knowing what truly works for you is very essential to a person as it defines how they want to be presenting and respected.

Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices, Express yourself in style! To some people, clothing is just about comfort or utility, but for us, it’s about expression!

We explore Black Beauty, fashion and style from around the world.

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Hey Naturalistas!!! Deciding on a particular hairstyle for any good day could be hectic sometimes. Adding the whole pressure to get your natural hair looking snazzy all through summer could increase anxiety levels. You can put your mind at ease now because I’ve got you covered. Here is a rundown of selected hairstyles to match your queen status with your natural hair. LET’S GO!


This is a common hairstyle for most naturalistas. But, you can switch it up for summer by tucking in pretty flowers like the look

above. It will definitely raise your “summer sass” level by a 100 percent!


This is the edgy hairstyle for the edgy naturalista. It is super dressy, chic, sophisticated and perfect for your summer parties.

You can also wear a hat to channel your inner classic vibes or scarf for that African touch.


The afro look is not just a hairstyle. It is a movement and one that we are very proud of. Whether your hair volume is full or not, you can still rock it just fine. Add a pair of statement earrings and you will be putting the “A” (which stands for Africa in the “Afro”.

If you are a summer bride, don’t hesitate to show off your afro with the ideal glamorous touch by adding statement accessories to your hair like the looks below. All eyes are sure to remain glued to the bride!


When it comes to braided hairstyles, the list is almost endless. There are different styles to explore and summer might just be the perfect time to rock them. There are also various hair accessories you can add (such as hair cuffs, rings, beads and spirals) to add that summer flair.

Also, if you are a 6 to 6 working lady with limited time to prepare, you might want to go for braids like the looks below. It only requires you to smoothen your edges and spray your hair (to add that extra shine) every morning and you are ready to go.

A good hairstyle naturally boosts your confidence. So, go for it and don’t forget to step out with a smile.



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Top 11 African countries with the most curvaceous women

There are beautiful women all over the world but there is this exceptional attractiveness put on by African women endowed with the hourglass shape. Cool right? Yeah I know it’s cool.

Wait!! Before we proceed, it’s important to let our readers understand that we respect all body shape types. Also, the list given out here is base on our opinion. Therefore, your opinions and suggestions are highly anticipated.

Let’s ride on. There is a myth that says men are attracted to slim women and that they would prefer them to curvy shape women. Fortunately, this has been proven wrong over time because a larger percentage of men can hardly keep a straight face when they see an hourglass-shaped black woman pass by. Guess you thinking what am thinking?

Women in the Western world know the importance of this amazing body shape and that’s why most of them resort to surgical procedures in other to have that desired curvy shape. Surprisingly, this is not even necessary with African women as they are mostly very curvy naturally.

There are so many delectable women who have very stunning curvy shapes in different countries of the world but everyone knows how attractive African women are and this is why we are paying homage to them in this article. Before we proceed, check out this pictures of African women endowed with great African hips, butt and curvs.

In this article, we reveal our list of African countries with great women curvy shape. Without wasting much of our time, let’s get down to business.

  1. Angola

Curvaceous woman from Angola

Angola, a country bestowed with numerous mineral resources which includes oil and diamonds. The country is the 2nd largest oil and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa which attracts investors into the country every year. Asides the amazing natural resources at their disposal, another major visible natural endowment is the curvy Angola women. The Angolan women are curvy, beautiful and bold which could make any man run for his money.

  1. Ethiopia

Curvy woman from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a beautiful country which attracts lots of tourists every year. Asides the amazing tourist attractions, a major talking point are the curvy women of Ethiopia. They are not just curvy but also beautiful and attractive. They will spin any man’s head and make them drool in the wonder of their curves.

  1. Zambia

Curvy woman from Zambia

Zambian women are among the most endowed in Africa. They are not just beautiful, they are curvy and endowed in the right places. They are really a sight to behold and that’s why they are often referred to as the epitome of African beauty.

  1. Uganda

Curvaceous woman from Uganda

It is no longer news that tourists wouldn’t just be visiting Uganda for the wildlife and nature parks, the curvy Ugandan women have been added to the list of reasons to visit the country. According to the country’s Minister for Tourism who announced the Miss Curvy pageant, they were grateful to God for the way they were created. To be factual, Ugandan women are bold, big, and very beautiful and this led to the introduction of the new pageant which is dedicated to celebrating curvy women in the country.

  1. Somalia

Curvy woman from Somalia

Somalia is recognized as one of the most dangerous countries to live in yet men find their way here for one major reason, the women. Somalian women are very beautiful and most are highly endowed and curvy. The women walk down the streets and men literally stop conversations because of their amazing hourglass shaped bodies. The women in this part of the continent typically describe to the world who a true African woman is, no wonder they were ranked the country with the most beautiful women in Africa.

  1. South Africa

Curvy woman from South Africa

South African men love very curvy women and they are blessed to have women who are among the curviest in Africa. In South Africa, being curvy is normal and these calls for the reason to visit the country and see for yourself the perfect meaning to the phrase “bold and beautiful.” There are numerous curvy South African celebrities among them includes Faith Nketsi and Londi London.

  1. Zimbabwe

Curvaceous woman from Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, women of every size are appreciated but curvy women are more appreciated. In short, they are greatly loved that a song was majorly written and recorded for them to appreciate their curvy bodies and booties. Women in this part of the continent are greatly endowed, from thick thighs to rounded bottoms and curvy hips. These Zimbabwean women have it all in abundance. Some of the curvy famous Zimbabwean women includes Candice and Misred.

  1. Liberia

Curvy woman from Liberia

Liberia is known for having very beautiful and curvy women who are among the curviest in Africa. These women are blessed with thick thighs and curves in all the right places. No wonder the country welcomes so many male visitors every year.

  1. Nigeria

Curvy woman from Nigeria

It is already an established fact that African women are very beautiful and curvy. In respect to this fact, the giant of Africa, Nigeria, has its own fair share of very curvy and beautiful women who adds to the list of numerous hourglass shape women in Africa. These women have beautiful hourglass shapes, making them head-spinners, anytime, any day. The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, has a high number of curvy women including OmotolaJalade, Mercy Johnson, and Moyo Lawal.

  1. Ghana

Curvaceous woman from Ghana

This list won’t be complete without the inclusion of Ghana the gold coast of Africa. Some years back, Ghanaian women considered themselves attractive when they were round and adding weight. Fast forward to date, they now want to be referred to as curvy rather than plus size. Ghanaian women have a reputation for being very curvy, black and beautiful. When men see them, they want to do anything for them so as to gain their attention. Ghanaian women are endowed in all the right places and some of the famous ones include Jocelyn Dumas and Peace Hyde.

  1. Kenya

Curvy woman from Kenya

Once upon a time, rumor had it that Kenya was void of beautiful women. That tale has since been found to be false as Kenya doesn’t just have beautiful women, it has some of the curviest women on the continent. A large percentage of women in Kenya are heavily endowed and very curvy. This fact is evident everywhere you go in Kenya. In fact, Kenya is blessed with very beautiful socialites, one of the most famous of them is Vera Sidika, the video vixen, and social media influencer. Lastly, they have well-toned, elegant, and intelligent women any man will want to die for.

There you have the 10 African countries with great curvy shape. We want to know what you think, share your thoughts with us in the comments section. We will love to hear back from you.

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Cardi B’s Latest Fashion Nova collect

Grammy-winning rapper, Cardi B, had a Thom Browne moment at the Met Gala which held earlier this week. To cap that up, she has released a second fashion collection in collaboration with the second most googled fashion brand in the world, Fashion Nova.

The collection was released earlier today and it has been predicted that it will be sold out in less than no time. The release was held at the famous Hollywood Palladium Theatre and it began by an invite-only star-studded concert and party. Cardi hit the stage with a total of 12 back-up dancers and she performed some of her greatest hits. She was later joined on stage by Blueface, Young Miami of the City Girls, and YG.

The award-winning rapper streamed the event live to ensure that her fans all over the world were able to watch the whole event, including her performance.

According to her, the collection was birthed from a playful mix of rebellion and empowerment themes which had a touch of the 80s and 90s. The Palladium was transformed into an oasis and it was decked with little portraits of the 107-piece collection. You can check out some of the different pieces of the collection in the following pictures.

Image result for Our Favorite Pieces From Cardi B's Latest Fashion Nova Drop                                                  Image result for Our Favorite Pieces From Cardi B's Latest Fashion Nova Drop

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Passion twist styles for your new look

Passion twist styles are becoming a trend and you should definitely get an appointment with your hairdresser for yours. Right now everyone wants to try them as they have become top of the protective style options.

The advantage of this kind of twist styles is that they very beautiful and require low maintenance. It is just surprising that they get better with time. When you consider this you just want to rock them all summer.

The amazing difference between twists from other styles is how natural they look. After all, that is why they were invented, for ladies like you who want that all natural look and cannot achieve it with their natural hair.

Another advantage is that you can customize the look of the twists. This can be achieved by changing the color, length, and parts. Check out the twist style pictures which you can choose from for your new look below.

Embellished Passion Twist

Twisted Top Knot

Half Up Half Down Passion Twist

Shoulder Length Passion Twist

Small Passion Twist

Long Passion Twist

Mermaid Passion Twist

Jumbo Passion Twist

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Met Gala 2019 holds with our best celebs hitting the pink carpet

The Met Gala is known worldwide as the biggest night in fashion. The gala held on Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Costume Institute.

The annual event brings together some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment as well as other sectors. The gala nights are always characterized by lots of fun, beautiful looks, and fundraising. The theme of this year’s gala was “camp” and it was no different from preceding gala nights.

Image result for lupita at the met gala 2019

In relation to the meaning of the theme, there was a major emphasis on exaggeration and as expected, most of the celebs in attendance took advantage to hit the pink carpet with the most show-stopping looks. As you can guess, there were also the off-point individuals, you can be sure we won’t mention them here.

Image result for idris elba at the met gala 2019

Lupita Nyong’o came in an “Alice in Wonderland-esque,” adorning her hair with golden afro-picks and had a multicolored ensemble to go with. Danai Gurira also made a major statement with her sleek complete black look and her top-hat. Others to grace the pink carpet include the newly wedded couple, Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre, Tiffany Haddish, Serena Williams, Billy Porter, Janelle Monae, Solange, and French Montana.

Check out some of the pink carpet moments below.

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

Related image

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

Related image

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

Related image

Related image

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

Image result for pink carpet pictures of the met gala 2019

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The best of ‘Black Girl fashion’ at Coachella 2019

Coachella 2019 might be over but memories of the two-weekend concert, which is seen as the biggest musical event on the globe, linger and will do for a long while. One aspect of the concert we might never forget is the “Black Girl Magic Style” moments, fashion is always the major side attraction asides the music.

See all the special fashion moments at Coachella 2019:

On the Fringe

Neon Queen

Technicolor Dream

Statement Maker

Sun Goddess

Model Citizen

Sheer Perfection

Saddle Up

Butterfly Effect

Laced Up

Bare Necessities

Metallic Mashup

Tangerine Tease

Double Duty

Disco Dream

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Kaavia James gets her own “mommy and me collection”

Gabrielle Union is one of the most stylish women in Hollywood, no wonder her baby Kaavia James is already hitting the spotlight as a fashionista too.

Already one of the most stylish and cutest babies in Hollywood, James has her premier capsule collection and it is all shades of “amazing.” An exclusive lineup was launched on behalf of baby Kaavia by New York & Company in conjunction with her mother, Gabrielle Union. The new lineup was largely inspired by the baby’s unique dressing style.

The collection has a range of sizes spanning from 0 to 24 months and the prices are between $14.95 to $39.95. Quite affordable, right? Any of the pieces in the collection is just perfect for that bubbly baby in your life. They are just right for your “mommy and me” moments with your baby.

Kaavia is known to melt hearts with her amazing and unique style on her Instagram page where she is famously known as #ShadyBaby and she has over 672k followers. You can begin shopping from the amazing collection today, May 6, 2019, by clicking here New York & Company.

Here are some pictures of the new line:

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5 Burkini designs inspired by Halima Aden’s swimwear photoshoot

We told you about how Halima Aden took the world by storm with her burkini and hijab swimwear photoshoot. The Somali-American model is definitely making waves on the fashion scene this year all for the right reasons. She graced the cover of Sports Illustrated as the company announced that she was the latest addition to their swimwear family.

Aden wore two custom burkinis in her photoshoot. One was designed by Cynthia Rowley and the model wore them posing on a beach in Kenya, a country which is very significant in her life.

To celebrate her recent feat we have brought a couple of burkini designs which were inspired by Halima’s pictures.

Zippered Orange Designer Swimwear

Camouflage Designer Swimwear

Raya Swimwear

Kimono Collar Designer Burkini

Sofia Swimwear

Halima has set several records since bursting on the scene and at age 21, she definitely has a long time to set more records before retirement.

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Rashod Stanley starts fashion line in prison

Rashod Stanley is a native of Atlanta who has been behind bars since 2016 but is making waves for his fashion design skills. He is definitely making judicious use of all the free time he can get as he is honing his designing skills and gaining lots of publicity for his amazing designs.

Aspiring Fashion Designer Created A Clothing Line Out Of Prison Materials While Incarcerated

He launched his clothing line “The Trenches” while in jail even though he is billed to be released in October this year. Stanley said he had developed a love for fashion right from when he was a little child. He was incarcerated for robbery but he is already making plans to putting his life on track once he is out of jail.

He says he wants everyone to know his story so he can inspire others to actualize their goals and be the best they can be regardless of their current location or position. His followership on social media is growing at an exponential rate and he is already getting loads of patronage even while in prison.

He plans to expand his line and become one of the biggest fashion designers on the planet someday. He also intends to start a non-profit organization that will be a means of giving back to the society. Stanley looks forward to being a public speaker and a mentor to young kids later in life.

To help with the expenses of his online store a GoFundMe has been set up. Checkout more of his designs here.

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Cheslie Kryst crowned Miss USA [watch]

The Miss USA beauty pageant was recently held and we have a new Miss USA. What is surprising is that for the first time in about 68 years, a 28-year-old woman was crowned the winner. With the new winner, a new record has been set, we now have the oldest woman to be crowned Miss USA.

This year’s winner is Cheslie Kryst, she isn’t just a beauty queen, she is also an accomplished intellectual too. Out of the other 50 contestants, she came out tops, more than that, she is a seasoned lawyer with two degrees. Cheslie also runs a fashion blog.

The pageant was held in Reno, Nevada on May 2 and had 51 participants. The winner of the pageant said she was glad that it held in Nevada because it was the US State with the highest number of women in government (State Assembly and the Senate).

Image result for North Carolina’ Cheslie Kryst wins Miss USA Pageant [watch]

Prior to her win, Kryst used to handle pro bono cases for unjustly sentenced inmates. She got her degrees from Wake Forest University and the University of South Carolina. She intends to pause on her career now that she is Miss USA so she can focus well on the responsibility before her.

Image result for North Carolina’ Cheslie Kryst wins Miss USA Pageant [watch]

The new queen is not new to the world of pageantry and wearing the crown. In High School, she won the title Miss Freshman and twice while she was in law school competed for Miss North Carolina. She won that pageant last year which led her to be part of the contestants for the Miss USA pageant this year. This win qualifies her to contest for Miss Universe 2019 where she has a chance of becoming the first American to win the title since 2012.

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