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The influence of African culture on Caribbean wedding traditions

Weddings are just so beautiful and emotional but in every part of the world, certain traditions govern weddings, including in the Caribbean. The wedding traditions in the Caribbean were mostly influenced by African and European cultures. It is amazing how both religious and ancestral wedding rites have been blended with the culture of the African ancestors of the people of the Caribbean.

Just like in many other parts of the world, the American culture of hiring a wedding planner has become mainstay but the African culture of cooking lots of food, music, and dance still finds a way to prevail. In the Caribbean, weddings could last up to three days with lots of wining and dining, music, and dancing, they are merry events.

Jumping the Broom among the Jamaicans (

There is also the traditional jumping of the broom and the showering of gifts on the couple, as well as the procession of the couple followed by their guests and family members around the village while the villagers watch cheerfully. Then there is the wedding reception where there is a lot to drink, especially rum-punch. In most places, people eat, drink, and dance till dusk and then return at dawn the next day.

We cannot forget the huge cake that is made of local recipes handed down from one generation to the other. The couple looks forward to enjoying their honeymoon on an island other than theirs for a few days after their wedding, which is most of the time lavish, as it is in the African culture.

Caribbean Wedding procession (

Looking through different Caribbean wedding cultures, especially those of the Jamaicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans, it is evident that lots of music, eating, drinking, and dancing is common to all. This is a result of the influence of African wedding cultures which has a lot of merrymaking, it has been said that in some places, people who have no idea who the couple is, even attend the wedding.

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About Bayankole wedding from Uganda

The Bayankole people are from Ankole traditional kingdom in Uganda. This kingdom is set on the South-Western part of Uganda, towards the east of Lake Edward. Bayankole translated from the local dialect means people of Ankole, the singular version of the term is Muyankole (person of Ankole). The tribe consists of two major groups which are, the Bahima and the Bairu. The former are cattle rearers while the latter are agriculturists.

Preparation for marriage begins at a very early age among the Bayankole. Once a girl turns eight or nine, she ceases to play around like other children of her age. She is kept indoors most of the time where she is fed beef and millet and lots of milk. The purpose of this is to ensure that the girl gains weight and become fat. Among the Bayankole, being fat is synonymous to being beautiful.

Immediately her parents notice her budding breasts they make her understand that she has to abstain from sexual intercourse. They do this by telling her the dangers of having sex like unwanted pregnancies which could bring shame to the family. In ancient times, getting pregnant before marriage resulted in a death sentence or ostracizing of the girl from the family.

Wedding responsibilities

A father is usually saddled with the responsibility of choosing a wife for his son. He is sometimes assisted by his relatives as he has to pay the required bride price. The bride price differs between the two groups of Bayankoles. The Bairu people require three goats, two cows, and a couple of beer pots. The Bahima on the other hand, require between two to twenty cows and this depends on how wealthy the father is.

Marriages are usually arranged when the groom is a teenager. The boy may also propose by himself at a very young age. The payment of the bride price is the beginning of a series of events that make up the wedding proper.

The wedding

The bride’s father slaughters a cow for food on the wedding day. This is apart from all the other forms of food that are prepared along with local beer on the wedding day. There is always a huge feast at the bride’s family home as well as the groom’s home which is where the wedding is consummated.

The weird part of the tradition is that one of the bride’s aunts has to certify that the groom is potent and the bride kept her virginity until her wedding day. Sometimes, the aunt is required to sexual intercourse with the groom while in other cases she will watch or listen to the couple have sex.

That’s about it for the Bayankole wedding from Uganda, it is definitely a fun experience.

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#MeettheEgbos: Lavish wedding between Nigerian man and his pretty bride

A Nigerian Prince, Stanley Egbo tied the knot with his beautiful American bride, Charlyne, in a lavish ceremony over the weekend. It was everything anyone would dream of, from the beautiful décor to the amazing cuisine, and the out-of-this-world attires. The wedding held in Texas, United States of America.

In case you missed the wedding we have brought the wedding straight to your device. The wedding started on Friday with a glorious Igbo traditional wedding. The bride was dressed in an all red fully stoned native gown with the upper part made of shear lace. She adorned herself with a set of Igbo traditional beads and red headgear by Segun Gele.


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Mood at #MeetTheEgbos 🕺💃🧡🧡🧡

A post shared by jemimasway (@jemimasway) on

Next, she wore a custom-made traditional deep orange tube gown with a multicolor flare tail designed by Tubo Clothings. She had her hair adorned with a beaded crown while she had a set of traditional beads around her neck. Charlyne’s final attire was a navy blue monostrap native gown and a golden headgear. The groom came in dressed in all-white native attire, off-white native jacket, white beads, and a hat designed to resemble a crown. He later wore a navy blue native top and trousers to match the bride’s clothes.


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Working with the “RIGHT TEAM” of people makes everything work our just the way you want it. Thank you Charlyne for trusting me with your 3rd and Final look. Your Vision, Matched your taste, from the time I sent you the fabric among the whole lot you fell in love with this design which we had to make in your choice color Navy Blue. Even though you are not Nigerian, you wanted to represent the culture to the last and you Nailed it👏👏 Thanks to Tubo for making THIS A MASTERS PIECE! When the Outfit looks exactly on the Bride @charlyelynne like it looked on the Manniquine then you know you worked with a Designer @tubo__ not a regular tailor #cutandsew type. Fabric & Styling @Segungele Designer @tubo__ Gele Styling @sagsignature Asooke @bimmms24 Planner @dureevents Makeup @colordujour @bellanaijaweddings @nigeriaweddings #MEETTHEEGBOS #igbankwunigeria #igbobride #traditionalmarriage #durebride #asoebibella #asoebistyles #asoebiinspiration #marriedtoroyalty

A post shared by Segungele (@segungele) on

The wedding proper began right where the traditional wedding ended and it was fun and beauty all the way. The groom wore a black sequined jacket, black trousers, a white shite, and a black bow tie. His bride walked down the aisle in a beautiful white gown with a very long tail, she looked so immaculate it was heavenly.

Both ceremonies had guests from different parts of the world and you can bet that being a Nigerian wedding it must have been really flamboyant. Here is a list of the vendors at the royal wedding:

Planning @dureevents
Custom Gown @eseazenabor
Hair @eluxehair
Makeup @colordujour
Suit @jprstyling
Venue @postoakuptown
Decor @floraeventi
Lighting @gtxprod
DJ @djdonx
Emcee @seyi_brown
Cake @cakesbyginahou

Dress @tubo__
Hair @eluxehair
Styled by @Segungele
Gele Service @sagsignature
Asooke @bimmms24

Check out pictures below:


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Soooo! About last night 🍾🍾🍾. I’m so excited for our beautiful couple, Charlye and Stanley. Yesterday was AMAZING. HUGE THANKS to the amazing vendor family that always looks out for my clients and myself. By the way, @postoakuptown IS ONE OF THE BEST VENUES EVER. Booking a wedding, contact Amanda and Rachael, the catering directors. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 luxury service all the way. @dukeimages WOW! What a brilliant photographer. No moment was lost or missed. He was truly an experience. More reviews coming soon. Thank you so much for this clip. I LOVE YOU ALL. THE AMAZING DREAM TEAM Decor: @floraeventi Lighting: @gtxprod DJ: @djdonx Mua: @colordujour Hair: @eluxehair Wedding dresses: @eseazenabor Multi-step Step n repeat: @decor2remember Invitations and day of stationary: @isabellainvitations Groom and groomsmen suit: @justphilsright MC: @seyi_brown Cinematography: @markblakevisuals THANK YOU SO MUCH. #dureevents #MEETTHEEGBOS #luxurylifestyle #houstonweddings #luxurydesign #postoakhotel #eseazenabor

A post shared by Wedding and Event Planner (@dureevents) on


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OK! A moment for the groom, Prince Stanley ♠️. @justphilsright did a PHENOMENAL JOB styling Stanley and his groomsmen. The perfect fitting, the details and quality was done #justright, literally. Stanley did not compromise on his look and his groomsmen’s entire look, and Phil executed it perfectly well. Congratulations @charlyelynne and Stanley. Charlye had @eseazenabor with her the entire wedding day, and Phil(groom’s Stylist) was with Stanley the entire day to ensure he was on his fashion A-Game the entire night. Thank you so much, Phil. Check out @justphilsright @jprstyling ; HE IS AMAZING, and finishing was ON POINT. #dureevents #MEETTHEEGBOS #justphilsright #groomsuit #customsuits #groom #aceofspades

A post shared by Wedding and Event Planner (@dureevents) on


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True King and Queen! Starting off the year right with our STUNNING couple, Charlye and Stanley. To this amazing couple, THANK YOU SO MUCH for believing in us, trusting us with your vision, and for being one of the most amazing people i’ve ever met. I truly enjoyed every planning experience with you. There were plenty laughters that we will miss, especially me. You two are true best friends; #couplegoals. Congratulations to the both of you. Thank you @dukeimages for this amazing shot. Reposted from @dukeimages – King and Queen 👑 #MeetTheEgbos #dukeimages We had an amazing time celebrating with @charlyelynne + Stanley this weekend in Houston, Texas! Dress @eseazenabor Planning @dureevents Venue @postoakuptown Groom’s Suit @justphilsright – #regrann #dureevents #MEETTHEEGBOS #luxurylifestyle #houstonweddings #dukeimages

A post shared by Wedding and Event Planner (@dureevents) on


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Love It! Charlye and Stanley’s wedding cake was inspired by charlye’s love for Bird Cages and Ballerinas. @cakesbyginahou wanted to give the couple and wedding guests a 360 view of the cake which means that every angle of the cake had STUNNING clusters of cascading sugar flowers and hidden love birds(Doves). Can you spot a Dove or two 😉? The wedding cake was so tall that it needed It’s own stage, lol. Thank you so much Gina for executing this flawlessly. Reposted from @charlyelynne – Our beautiful Bird Cage Wedding Cake by @cakesbyginahou!! 🕊🕊 Gina herself custom designed our 7-tiered cake and even built birdcages inside to go with our theme!! And guess what, it was delicious too!!🎂🎂 Thank you @cakesbyginahou!💕📸 @dukeimages Bird Cages, Cake Bird Cages and Decor: @floraeventi Lighting and LED screens @gtxprod Venue @postoakuptown #MeetTheEgbos – #regrann #dureevents #houstonweddings #luxurydesign #royalweddingcake

A post shared by Wedding and Event Planner (@dureevents) on

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Former Ivorian footballer remarries in home country (Photos)

The name Emmanuel Eboue is not strange to football lovers, especially those who follow Ivorian football and the English Premier League. The ex-football player represented Ivory Coast on the national level and played for a couple of top-flight clubs. Eboue was in the news two years ago owing to his divorce which left him completely broke. He’s back again, this time he just tied the knot in Cote d’Ivoire his home country.

The ex-player exchanged vows with Stephanie Boede who happens to be his ex-fiancee. He used to date her before leaving Ivory Coast to play in Europe. The private marriage ceremony held early this month at the Hotel Communal de Cocody in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan.

Emmanuel Eboue and his ex-wife (

Eboue revealed two years ago in an interview with Sunday Mirror that he had lost everything to his ex-wife after their divorce. He narrated how slept on the floor of his friend’s home a couple of times despite earning millions from his football career. The ex-footballer also spoke about how he contemplated suicide a couple of times.

He was later hired as an assistant team coach for the Under-14 side of his former club, Galatasaray. In this article, we bring you pictures from his wedding which held in Ivory Coast on March 2, 2019.

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Simi and Adekunle Gold share honeymoon pictures and video

January 9, 2019, was a day of joy of fans of former YBNL artiste, Adekunle Gold, and Simi, X3M artiste. Both artists, who have been rumored to have been dating for a long time tied the knot in an exclusively secret ceremony.

The couple made extra effort to keep their wedding from the public eye, in fact, attendees were not allowed to take pictures or videos with their mobile devices. News reaching us is that the couple went to South Africa to spend their customary honeymoon


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Dancing with the waves @tablebayhotelsa

A post shared by AG (@adekunlegold) on

Both Adekunle and Simi have at different times put up pictures on their social media pages. One of such pictures showed Simi posing in front of Table Bay Hotel, just by the statue of Oscar the Seal.

We know you must have been itching to get a glimpse of your favorite Nigerian music couple so we decided to bring you a few of their honeymoon pictures and video. We wish them a happy married life.

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All you need to know about the Fulani Traditional Wedding

The Fulani people are a large tribe cutting across Nigeria, Niger Republic, and Chad in West Africa. Their major language is Fulfude, but they speak other languages like English, Hausa, and French. They are mostly nomadic Muslims who care mostly about their cattle. Physical characteristics of the Fulani include their curly hair and light skin.

Every tribe and every race has a specific set of traditions regarding different aspects of their way of life. One of the most important is marriage and the Fulani have a set of customs that underlie their how their marriages are conducted. Firstly, marriage is more of endogamy in this culture. This means people from the same lineage or ancestry are allowed to get married to each other. The principal reason for this is to preserve wealth or royalty within a certain bloodline.

Fulani bride

Women get married in their teens while the men in their early twenties. Among the Fulani people, there are several caste systems and political strata. People are not allowed to marry across strata or castes. The women are allowed to pick their partners which are done after a dance ceremony where they have the opportunity of sleeping with several men and then choosing one.

The Fulani traditional marriage is broken down into three stages, they are briefly discussed below:

The Sharo

Suitor being flogged during the Sharo

This process involves the brutal flogging of a suitor by other men. This is done to prove strength, courage, discipline, and bravery. The man isn’t expected to cry or shed a tear, it is seen as a sign of weakness and thus he may be rejected by the bride and her family. It is customary for the suitor to be accompanied by his family for moral support. The Sharo is not necessary across all Fulani tribes.

The Koogwal

This regarded as the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony. It involves the exchange of gifts and bride price between the bride’s and groom’s families. The family of the groom brings gifts presented to the bride’s family as her bride price and her family, in turn, gives a herd of cattle to the groom’s family. This aspect of the wedding makes it legal and binding.

The Kaabal

This is the Islamic rite that follows the legalization of the wedding. It is more like the blessings of the wedding and it does not require the presence of the couple as a necessity.

Fulani couple

Once all these three stages are accomplished, the bride is welcomed into her husband’s home by the women in his family and they live happily ever after.

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Juelz Santana and Kimbella exchange vows

Don’t we all just love weddings? They are usually a time to get mushy, especially when vows are exchanged. We begin 2019 with the wedding of “Love & Hip hop” stars, Kimbella Vanderhee, and Juelz Santana. They held the private ceremony somewhere in New Jersey having their kids by their side along with friends and family.


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01/10/19 we said I DO! 👰🏽💍🤵🏾🙏🏾 #SantanaPutARingOnIt Bridal Styling and Wedding Management @vaingloriousbrides Photography @stanlophotography Videography @dexterityproductions Kim’s Hair @tb_hairstylist MUA @erik_mua Bridesmaids Hair @hairbyantionettenyc & @kyiajoneshair MUA @tokyoglam Floral Design @platinumbystacyann Event Production @jewelgeorgieffweddings Wedding Dress @leahdagloria compliments of @shopvainglorious Flower Girl Dresses @pantoramini Bridal Robe @amandabardenofficial Bridesmaids Dresses @whiterunway Assistant Stylist and Alterations @alicialavettefashions Groom Stylist @thegroomsgarcon Tuxedos and Suits @theblacktux Jewelry @sheryljonesjewelry Pipe and Drape @aboutthedetailsnyc and @jaieventrentals DJ @iknowmikemusic Event Decor @glampartyrentals and @evolutioneventrentals_nj Invitations and Menus @parchmentbydami Wedding Cake @sugarfetishcakery & @sugar_fetish Cake Monogram and Decals @ten23designs Officiant @marriedbyrevroxy Bartenders @taylormadebartending Catering @keepitchefnyc Thank you!! 💜

A post shared by KIMBELLA (@kimbellasworld) on

Santana proposed to Kimbella in November, after 10 years of dating. Some of the guests at the wedding include Jim James, Lil Kim, Cam’ron, Yandy Smith, to mention a few. The rapper went on Instagram to share a photo of himself and his wife flanked by their beautiful kids. He captioned the photo, “great day, the Santana family.”

Kimbella, as described by her partner when he making his proposal, has stuck with him through thick and thin. The couple might be separated soon, only for a short time though, as Santana will be serving a jail sentence for 27 months. The rapper is facing time for trying to bring with him a loaded gun aboard a plane last spring at Newark airport.

The couple has two kids together and one each from their previous relationships. Here’s wishing them a happy married life.

Check out more photos below.

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Safaree and Erica Mena are Engaged

Safaree and Erica Mena (

Safaree Lloyd Samuels, simply referred to as Safaree has proposed to Erica Mena of the Bronx on Monday evening while in the company of family and friends in Mena’s home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Safaree Helped In Designing This 14 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring For Erica Mena (

The 37-year-old hip-hop Safaree began dating the 31-year-old Bronyx beauty at the beginning of the year. He proposed with a 14-carat platinum ring worth about $175,000 and insiders revealed that he had a hand in designing the ring.

Safaree proposing to Mena (

Safaree made a colorful romantic scenery, going down on one knee to propose to Mena who dazzled down the aisle to meet him in a room lit up with 200 candles and filled 20,000 rose petals and 200 candles. And there was a topping, the R&B sensation group 112 were singing “Cupid” and “Crazy Over You” with a live band in the background, and as she said “YES” there were fireworks going off outside.

Safaree must have been looking forward to that moment as he tweeted some time back about buying an engagement ring for a wife to be to his followers. In the tweet, he was excited about icing the wife to be up with the “baddest rock”.

Meena showed off her piece of jewelry on her Instagram page saying how lucky she is and that “Safaree had never been afraid to love her”.

Erica Mena is off the market and so is Safaree who just got a new 7 bedroom apartment and it is expected that sooner or later, they will move in together. He expressed his fulfillment when he wrote on Instagram “Trust the process. Pray and stay positive through it all! Few years ago I lived in an Airbnb in la,” “7 bedrms later I’m here! I never let the down times get me down! My faith too strong I don’t do people wrong and I protect my energy at all times!”

Safaree and Nicki dated in 2014 when Mena was dating Snoop’s relative Bow Wow.


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Cameroonian/American Royal wedding featuring African A-List Artists Mr. P, Sarkodie and Flavor

Bride and Groom

Pre-wedding shoot.


Weddings are beautiful!!! The Royal wedding between Berenice and Flavious Ferim is definitely one of the classiest weddings we have experienced this year, showcasing three “A” list artists and world-class vendors. The wedding held at Tuscany Hill on July 7 and everything about the wedding lingers in our memories.


The vendors at the wedding were a crop of the best you could find around the world. From the event planner of international acclaim, Dure Events to the wedding dress designer, Ese Azenabor Atelier, it was class all the way. Even the vendors could not hold back their excitement at being part of the Royal wedding.

Bride ‘WOWS’ at the reception venue, the decors were exquisite.

Berenice slayed in her two dresses, both designed by the fabulous Ese Azenabor. The first was an immaculate white wedding dress with the sleeves made of exotic lace and a long, beautiful tail. She also had a white hair piece also designed by Ese. Her second dress was nothing short of amazing, the ebony bride graced the dance floor with a beautiful sequined blue and gold gown with a “V-shaped open neckline.”

The groom wore a dark grey suit with a white shirt and black bowtie before changing to an ash jacket and black pants. The groom and his groomsmen were dressed by Connaiseur Paris Boutique.

View this post on Instagram

Surprise number 2 @flavour_n #theferims @2niteflavour

A post shared by Bernice (@bereniceferim) on

The climax of the wedding was the performances of “A” list artists, Mr. P, Flavour and Sarkodie to the delight of the couple and invited guests. The couple couldn’t resist swaying their bodies to the rhythms of the songs rolled out.

We wish the “Ferims” a happy married life and a prosperous family, well they are already prosperous if you know what I mean.

Here is a list of all the vendors Instagram handles:

@dureevents planner
@rhphotoarts Photographer
@eseazenabor first dress
@eseazenabor 2nd dress
@eseazenabor hair piece
@bridesbynona bridesmaid dresses
@connaiseurparis grooms suit
@connaiseurparis groomsmen suit
@iriejadebeauty makeup
@lovdiv84 hair
@gloriousfeast catering
@Floraleventi decor
@samgodly videographer

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Nigerian Celebrity Couple, Banky W And His Wife Adesua Etomi Marks Their Traditional Wedding Anniversary

It’s funny how time flies, Nigeria celebrity couples, Banky W and his beautiful wife Adesua Etomi are celebrating their first traditional wedding anniversary today. You can imagine how time flies. The two lovebirds took to their Instagram to post a beautiful picture of themselves together and write the best words for each other.

The two lovebirds continue to provide major romantic moment…Congratulation to Banky and Adesua on their first traditional wedding anniversary.

Below are his exact words post on Instagram
By far the best decision I have made in my adult life, was to wait until I found my wife. People will pressure you and try to make you feel inadequate or incomplete.. all because you’re not living according to their own mental timetable. Ignore them. Focus on your journey, your happiness, and on making yourself a better person. My prayer is that you will discover, like I did, that the right person is worth waiting for. Mrs W… I’m still amazed that I get to call you mine. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for building with me. Thank you for believing in me and for inspiring me to be a better man. My purpose partner, my rock, my destiny, my Shug, my wife, my life… Happy tradiversary Skuu. Love you SCATTER. ????? #BAAD2017 #BAAD2018

A post shared by Banky W. (@bankywellington) on