Disney has just released the first trailer of the live-action remake of “Lion King” and it is just as beautiful as we all dreamt it will be. There have been several rumors about Disney dropping the trailer on Thanksgiving Day, initially it seemed only a wild speculation, but congratulations to every one of us, the rumors turned out to be true.

Disney dropped the trailer almost without any notice. The only ‘heads up’ we got was from J.D. McCrarey through an Instagram post saying the trailer was meant to be released sometime during the football game between Cowboys and Redskins. McCrarey plays Young Simba in the Lion King remake.

Rafiki presents Simba, comparison (collider.com)

The trailer is just a perfect blanket of warm fluffiness, just what we needed during the holidays. It begins with the legendary scene where Rafiki, the baboon, introduces the people to the cub who would become their future King. If you are wondering whether it will be adorable, it beats your expectations in every way possible.

In truth, with all that we’ve seen so far, Disney went all the way to recreate the very feeling of Lion King and more in everyone watching. From the perfect Hans Zimmer score to the steady narration by James Earl Jones as he reprises his Mufasa role and Simba’s sleepy look when he sees his domain for the first time.

You are bound to see this movie so many times, probably with a box of tissues close by. The movie is billed to be released next year with Donald Glover as Simba and Beyonce as Nala. Other actors starring are Chiwetel Ejoifor as Scar, John Oliver as Zazu, and Seth Rogan as Pumba.

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