It has been reported that the federal authorities are in search of more sex tapes involving R. Kelly, mostly the ones with teenage girls.

Already the US Attorney’s Office and the Northern District of Illinois are already speaking with different people to find out if tapes showing Kelly having sexual relations with minors were available. Most of the parties spoken are closely associated with the embattled singer.

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According to TMZ, there have been rumors about a collection of sex tapes of the singer with underage girls. The rumors first began circulating when he was tried for child porn in 2008. He wasn’t found guilty of the charges at the time.

In February, the singer was indicted for several charges relating to sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, and having sex with minors. He was granted bail after the bond of $1 million was paid by someone who claimed to be his friend.

We wait to see the result of the current investigations but we already know that the singer has been bashed from several angles for his sexual assault issues which cropped up as a result of a documentary series aired at the beginning of the year, Surviving R. Kelly.

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