KANYE WEST is at it again! Last Thursday was quite remarkable in African American history as Kanye West visited the White House and delivered about the most enthusiastic monologue ever. He did this sitting just across President Donald Trump. In his 10 minutes, he did about everything right according to President Trump even though this act has received a backlash as quite controversial.

In his speech West stated that he is sure President Trump didn’t believe he could have someone like him on his side. Though the rapper met with the President to discuss prison reform he tabled several issues during his speech. He wore the famous “Make America Great Again” hat which he claimed made him feel like “Superman.”

The rapper further went on to applaud his own speech saying to the audience “You are tasting fine wine.” He said the speech had some complex notes to it and it came directly from the soul.

President Trump described the rapper’s monologue as pretty impressive, in his words, “that was something.” President Trump further stated that Kanye was a smart cookie and could speak on his behalf any time he so desires.

One of the key points of West’s discuss was the abolishing of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This issue raised a lot of dust all over social media. Kanye had to clarify this later on stating that he meant to say “amend” and not imply complete abolishment. Despite this, he has received quite a backlash due to several other statements made during his 10-minute rant.