Kanye West speaks again, says he’s done with politics, claims he’s been used.

It is barely two weeks since Kanye West was at the White House professing his support for Donald Trump and his policies. In recent tweets, the successful rapper said he is done with politics. Comparing both scenarios you will definitely be seeing two extremes. Let’s see the reason for his latest decision.

On Tuesday afternoon Kanye posted a series of tweets stating that his “eyes are now wide open.” He went on to explain that he feels he was being used to spread messages and policies he did not support or believe in.

It is no news that Kanye West has been very supportive of President Trump especially with him continually wearing the famous “Make America Great Again” hat. He also tweeted about his love for Donald Trump’s “dragon energy.” Kanye was on Saturday Night Live and he used the opportunity to express his support for the American President in an impromptu speech.

More tweets from Kanye West on the same day shed some light on his political beliefs. He cleared the air about his “common sense” gun laws and his support for prison reforms. Obviously, there may be more to come about Kanye and politics so we sure will keep our fingers crossed as we behold the unfolding.

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