-popularly known as the Nicky Minaj of Africa

– Vera Sidika dominated the interwebs for the better part of Monday, November 19

– The socialite took to dress down her ex-boyfriend/musician Otile Brown in an embarrassing/exposing post on Instagram which alleged the singer was poor in bedroom matters

– Fans instantly concluded Vera had a serious case of a hangover from her past relationship


– Barely hours after embarrassing her ex, Vera is in Singapore with yet another hot lad.


It appears that Kenyan socialite vera sidika will never stop troubling Africa with her promiscuous lifestyle, she puts up a show at all times to stay on top of her game, she is the flame that just keeps giving and she was at it again on Monday, November 19 as she unleashed another man barely hours after ending her Ex-boyfriend who happens to be a musician popularly known as Otile Brown’s bedroom reputation.

pictured-vera sidika having fun with ex-boyfriend

Vera, who is currently in Singapore, shared a photo with a lovely-looking stud in a move which was seen as an attempt to prove to the world she could have any man she pleased.

Three weeks after her second break up with Otile Brown and Vera has been far from done with the whole issue as she has taken to expose some nasty intimate details of why their relationship would have never worked out.

Apparently, aside from Otile using her for money, he was also extremely poor in bed yet somehow the socialite soldiered on.

Having nothing left to lose after the breakup, Vera has gone on overdrive with her attacks on the Niacheni singer while severely denting her credibility as a girlfriend in the process.

For a greater part of the day, Kenyans took time off the just-released KCPE results to discuss the damning allegations made by the socialite as they sought to understand where she was coming from.

Majority of neitizens conclusion was the same: That Vera had graduated to a whole new level of petty.

Otile Brown in one of his minor clap backs referred to his ex as a psycho but many did not seem to get him until recently.

The Singapore stud will be the third guy whom Vera has strongly suggested to be cozy with since the reports of her break up started to disturb the internet.

Firstly, it was Calisah, a renown model who ended up being Vera’s main man in her music video Nalia.

Vera was also pictured with another hottie, this time urging fans to wish him a happy birthday back in October.