Mbba’s global black magazine

is a bi-monthly society and culture magazine publication for Black people, and people of African descent, It is available in digital(online)  and print(hard copy) version. It covers the nitty-gritty of black race and its uniqueness through, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, culture, wedding, society issues and more… it publishes its first issue the “black issue” which serves as an introduction to the magazine, and all it encompasses, the issue promotes the beauty of blackness and also its challenges, it is expected to be the only magazine that focuses on reaching an audience of black people globally, merging and showing black cultures globally.

We prefer to refer to it as a black multicultural house that carries a blend of all that is past and trending about our world, it is intended to show  the different sides of us and help us love and  appreciate our differences and similarities, global black magazine is born out of the enthusiasm and the need for a united black people, it revolves around the black people experience.

The topics the magazine discusses ranges from  culture, lifestyle and fashion of  everyday people and celebrities, to point-of-view pieces addressing current issues in the black global communities. The vast majority of our readers will engage closely and personally with our bi-monthly publications, We are glad to introduce the GLOBAL BLACK MAGAZINE, it is the magazine “for and about Black people”.

Publishing and distributing globally, GB Magazine will be made available in a variety of black nations by our marketing team.




1st issue cover  features

Our cover girl CELAI WEST- In Breaking Barriers, Celai west talks on her career as CEO, model and actress ” I’m changing the standards of beauty”

Celai West, pronounced “suh-LAY”, is a quirky 10-year-old girl who is making waves in the fashion, runway and acting industry. She began print modeling when she was five years old, doing runway shows when she was six, and she started acting and became the CEO of her own t-shirt line, TheChattyChick.com, at seven.

Celai has worked with major brands such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Gap and Disney and was the leading lady in Willy Williams’ music video “The Voodoo Song” that has been viewed over 15 million times!

Celai filmed four films last year and was pleased to learn “I Am My Own Mother” was selected to premiere at Cannes Film Festival. She is looking forward to doing more acting and challenging herself on set.

Celai West has appeared on five magazine covers, published inside several magazine issues and newspapers and many of her images been shared on social media in viral numbers.

Recently, one of Celai’s runway videos went viral and, to date, has been viewed more than 9 million times. She continues to progress and is regularly seen walking the runway among an all adult lineup. Not only is Celai determined to change the standard of the runway, this “little brown girl with big hair” is determined to change the standard of BEAUTY!


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