Nicki Minaj gives fans a clue as to whom her new boyfriend might be. 

Ever since Nicki Minaj parted ways with Meek Mill, her relationship status has been trending on social media as she has been severally rumored to be involved with different guys. still, none of these rumors have proven to be true. this suspense has left her fans shocked, reasons because Nicki has never been viewed as a lady who leaves her love life unattended to, this is because she has always been the kinda girl that loves dating a guy. in recent times, speculations have been widespread across social media platforms and the news about the supposed romantic relationship between Nicki and Formula one superstar; Lewis Hamilton and has so far not given a clue or any authentic evidence to support the claim.

just after the Awards this week, both stars congratulated each other in a post on social media. Nicki Minaj congratulated Lewis on his Formular One win in a post that raised eyebrows. She wrote; “Congratulations sweetheart!!! #CHAMPION.” And just moments later, Hamilton also congratulated Nicki in a return post. He wrote “Big congrats @nickiminaj on winning both album of the year and female artist of the year at the people’s choice awards.”. This gesture by the two stars has definitely got people talking.

the media has its eyes on the duo after they’ve been spotted several times having fun and relating so comfortable with each other like they are involved in a relationship. well, we also will give Nicky Minaj the benefit of doubt, cos there is also a possibility that this might be a platonic relationship.

Both camps have remained quiet about the whole issue, not commenting, giving signs of approval or disapproval. so we remain calm and awaiting the moment when the truth will unveil itself.

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