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The big story in Nigeria is that new season of Big Brother Naija premièred on Sunday, 30th June, 2019. In this season, 21 contestants will battle for 60 Million Naira worth of prices. The Last episode saw the winner Miracle, walk away with 45 Million worth of prices.

“Considerable improvement is made on all aspects of previous seasons” John Ugbe, CEO Multichoice said, while speaking on the increased price money.

The blockbuster TV series organized by MultiChoice Nigeria pride themself in creating the most popular and marketable personality on the continent. The season which will run for 11 weeks has returned to Nigeria. The location which is unknown doesn’t in any way dampen the mood surrounding the show.

One particular feature that makes BB Naija interesting is that each contestant has his set of fans. To follow the episodes, it is important that fans know who they support. Through the next 11 weeks, the

Meet the Housemates

1. Avala


Saidat ‘Avala’ Balogun is a 30-year old lady from Ogun state. She studied music and business in York College, Queens, NY. Avala is not single and not ready to mingle. Rather, she hopes to use the platform to become famous and get people to appreciate her music. The upcoming singer has a single “Give me a Chance” and a daughter.

2. Diane


Diane is a “very single” 23-year old lady from Kaduna. She has promised to be herself and is determined to win as she is in for the money. Strangely, she loves dancing, but admits being terrible at it.

3. Frodd


Frodd hails from Anambra in Eastern Nigeria. The “fresh and odd” guy says he’ll be himself. He claims to be a complicated and officious fellow. Don’t expect him to entertain.

4. Khafi


Khafi is a police officer from London and hails from Ekiti state. The 29-year old wants to battle for the grand price with the other contestants. She hopes to win it and employ it in addressing societal issues.

5. Jackye


Jackye is 23 and hails from Anambra. The single lady loves sports and listening to music. She has “no real strategy but is a chameleon” she says but will be interacting a lot with other housemates.

6. Gedoni


Ekpata Gedoni is a fashion entrepreneur. The Cross Riverian likes to keep it simple with a hint of sophistication. The 31-year old loves playing basketball, soccer, taking leisurely strolls and quite unusually, cleaning the house. He also fancies writing poetry and pencil art.

7. Omatshola


The Lagosian, Omatshola, is a 38-years old model and entrepreneur that hails from Delta State. The “Warri boy” is a talkative that enjoys cooking and playing basketball.

8. Thelma


26-year old Thelma hails from Imo state. The “not single” lady says she’s “gonna spice up the house”. She’s in for the experience and the money.

9. Tuoyo


Tuoyo is single man from Delta State. The 24-year old Deltan likes working out and is confident of edging out other contestants to the price. Watch out! He’s a flirt.

10. Mercy


The sexy 26-year old is from Imo State. Her hobbies are cooking, swimming, reading and travelling. Mercy reveals she is single and loves truthful people.

11. Tacha


The social media sensation hails from Rivers state. Tacha is a blunt and expressive person. The 23-year old is bringing herself, she claims, she is real and interesting. She is optimistic of winning the grand price.

12. Seyi


Seyi hails from Ogun State and is the grandson of the revered nationalist, Obafemi Awolowo. The 23-year old, nicknamed “The Doctor” says he’s here for the experience and to enjoy himself. He is not single and not available either. Seyi has kept everyone guessing his marital status.

13. Mike


Mike Edwards is 28, a CEO and professional athlete. He hails from Lagos State but lives in Manchester, England. Mike owns a cigar line in the United Kingdom and hopes to win so he can continue to grow his business. The wealthy CEO cum athlete is married.

14. Ike


The 26-year old model hails from Imo state. Ike has promised to give Nigerians drama and romance.

15. Nelson


Nelson is 26 from Rivers. A past Mr. Universe, Nigeria he is in solely for the money. What more? He is single and ready to mingle.

16. Esther


Esther, 22, is a single lawyer that hails from Lagos State. She feels she is real, smart and beautiful. She even likes to show off her figure. The Lagosian dislikes people with bad bathroom and toilet hygiene.

17. Jeff


Jeff is a 30-year-old man from Anambra State. The guy is single and searching. He tells that he loves Yam, Amala & Ewedu. His hobbies are swimming, playing basketball but hates ingrates.

18. Sir Dee


The banker and graphics designer hails from Kogi State. The 30-year-old loves movies, board games and soccer. He reveals he is down to earth and has a unique sense of humor. He also avoids people who are manipulative and condescending.

19. Isilomo


Isilomo is 27 from Edo State. She is adventurous and is open to trying new things. Going by her words, she should be fun.

20. Kimophra


She is 23, single and hails from Imo State. She has hinted that she will be unpredictable. First she will study her environment to understand how to deal with her housemates. Kimophra is here for the money and will invest and further her education if she wins.

21. Ella


Victoria “Ella” Nnabuchi is one of the experienced ones on this show. She was a runner up in a trendy talent search show. She’s a giddy 30-year old single lady who doesn’t like to wear clothes. Ella a television presenter, voice-over artist, actress and model.

Now, you can stay glued to the excitement for the next few months with ease.


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