Rihanna is arguably one of the biggest female pop voices of her time and she just declined the opportunity to perform during the Super Bowl 2019. Reports have it that her decision has a lot to do with Colin Kaepernick.

Rihanna. Source: dancingastronaut.com

The professional quarter back sparked some criticism in 2016 after he knelt during the national of the United States. His reason for this was to protest the different events of police brutality and racial discrimination holding sway in the country around that period. His move was followed by a lot of backlash including a call for anyone who tried such to be fired by Donald Trump.

Colin Kaepernick. Source: sportingnews.com

In October 2017 Mr. Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL and its owners stating that the connived to deprive him of employment because of the steps he took in advocacy. Earlier this year, the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell announced the new NFL policy. This policy required that all officials and players must stand while the US anthem is being sung to show respect. He went to state that anyone who didn’t want to could remain in the locker room till after the anthem. If any of a club’s personnel does not stand then the club will be fined.

Rihanna. Source: pressform.info

Us Weekly recently reported that the multi-Grammy award winner was offered the halftime slot of the Super Bowl to perform. She declined the offer to show support for the athlete who is currently a free agent. It was however reported by E! News that Maroon 5 had accepted the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl on February 3.


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