You could easily say the time of reckoning is here. Maxine Waters is the new Chairwoman of the House Financial Services and as we all know, she is President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

Maxine Waters (

President Trump had called Maxine dumb in so many ways so we can be sure that she will take advantage of her new office to launch investigation into Donald Trump’s finances. Well who wouldn’t? Especially now that the Democrats have control of the House of Representatives.

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Maxine Waters, who was just elected into another term in the US Congress, is one of the strongest critics of the United States President. Since Donald Trump assumed office she has endured all kinds of insult from the President. He has called her names like crazy and corrupt, labelled her as having low IQ and served her disrespect at every opportunity.

Maxine Waters (

Now it looks like the tables have turned and Maxine Waters is set to put the trifling President in check. With her position as Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee she has the power to investigate what Donald Trump has been hiding and subpoena his tax returns.

Waters was the subject of several dangerous death threats earlier in the year when she summoned supporters to confront members of Trump’s government on his racial policies. Trump issued a serious threat to Maxine on June 25 saying “be careful what you wish for Max!” when she “called for harm” to his supporters.

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