Tweeter Melts Down Over Kanye’s Chivalry and Fashion at 2chain’s Wedding.

You won’t believe what Kanye West wore to 2 Chains’ wedding with his wife Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kanye West showed his chivalrous side as he attended the wedding of fellow rapper 2 Chains with his wife Kim Kardashian yesterday.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wore another neon green dress for the occasion, Kim had previously been spotted wearing the bright shade a lot during her Miami trip. Earlier this week, the reality star headed out for a night on the town in a neon green wig and matching Lamborghini. She also sported a neon green, one-shoulder crop top and matching sarong-style skirt on Friday.

West was pictured lifting Kim from their car as they arrived for the wedding.

twitter had this to say about it…

This was however not the only thing that caught people’s attention, The outfit worn by Kanye to the ceremony got tongues wagging.

The father of three donned a mint green suit with no shirt underneath and juxtaposed it with a pair Yeezy flip flops. He finished off the loo with various gold necklaces that fell across his bare chest.

 Twitter made his fashion go viral as Twitter users had their views on Kanye’s hilarious fashion, some called it a fashion fail, some saw it as an attempt to market his yeezy slides slippers brand, while others gave him their support.  isn’t this just one dramatic business-minded couple that sure knows so well how to gain attention?

Kim and Kanye posed for a photo with the bride and groom, they also took a picture with Monica Brown and Kanye did a short video with Lil Wayne who was also in attendance.

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