If you are African and were privileged to see the American Version of Ugly Betty which ran for four seasons then you must be overly curious to see what the South African Betty will look like.

You can keep your hopes up as it was announced recently that the amazing comedy series “Ugly Betty” is about to have a South African Remake. Entertainment website Variety provided us with details about this news. On the site it was stated that South Africa’s Known Associates Entertainment had recently contacted Colombian Telenovela star, Betty La Fea for an adaptation of the show locally. The deal announcement was made at the yearly entertainment content market, Mipcom.

Ugly Betty (Original American Version). Source: broadwayworld.com

Joel Phiri who is the chairman of Known Associates stated that their intention was to work in line with other adaptations of the show but fuse it with South African flavor and languages. In his announcement Phiri said, “It is a great pleasure to be able to bring this evergreen home to South African audiences, and we are looking forward to finding the best broadcaster for the series.”

The show Ugly Betty had airtime on ABC from 2006 to 2010. The comedy show focused on Betty Suarez a young lady that landed a job with a fashion magazine. The irony being that Betty had no idea about fashion and was neither stylish in any sense of the word.

America Ferrera. Source: variety.com

The original version of the show starred America Ferrera and she won an Emmy for her role as Ugly Betty.


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